2 House Dems Just Asked For A Criminal Probe Into Trump – But There’s A Huge Problem - Allen West News
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2 House Dems Just Asked For A Criminal Probe Into Trump – But There’s A Huge Problem

On Sunday, The Washington Post released an audio tape of a phone call between President Donald Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in which the two can be heard discussing election results.

Now, less than 24 hours later, a pair of House Democrats asked FBI Director Chris Wray to open an investigation into President Donald Trump for allegedly pressuring the Georgia Secretary of State to “find” votes.


But according to Newsmax, the full audio tape shows President Trump acted properly on the phone call.

From newsmax.com

The Post initially released snippets of the hour-long call in which Trump can be heard discussing election results with Raffensperger and his lawyer Ryan Germany.

Also joining the call was White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Trump campaign lawyer Cleta Mitchell.

Trump lays out numerous examples of double voting, dead people voting, and other ballot irregularities and anomalies.

Raffensperger and Germany counter Trump’s assertions largely with simple claims that the matters Trump raised have been investigated.

Trump insists he won Georgia’s presidential election on Nov. 3 and claims widespread fraud deprived him of that victory.

The Washington Post claimed that in his talk with Raffensperger, Trump “repeatedly urged him to alter the outcome of the presidential vote in the state.”

This claim is false.

The transcript of the call shows Trump demanding an honest accounting of the ballots, which he says would give him more than 11,000 votes.

Read the several key excerpts of the conversation on Newsmax.